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Re: Mould and Deckle

On Mon, 12 Aug 1997 22:17:21 +0000 mephisto@xxxxxxxxxxxx writes:
>  It also saves the problems
>incurred in trying to stretch something like fibreglass window screen
>really taut - I tried that too and was torn all over my hands from
>the sharp litttle edges.

I did accomplish making the fiberglass screen very taut by cutting a
dovetail groove (wider at the bottom than at the surface) into the top
side of the mould on all four boards. Using a tool for window screens I
was able to roll vinyl screen spline into the grooves, pulling the screen
taut. Nothing to rust and it left a pretty flush surface on top--no
nails, staples, or excess material. I chose window screen because it is
well suited to this technique, whereas brass lacks the flexibility. I
guess my main concern is whether the holes are too large (I suppose it
depends on the type of pulp) and now the issue of whether or not pulp
will, as Jill claims, slide off. BTW, what is the address,or #, of
McMaster Carr. Are there other good sources for brass screen?

Thanks all!

David Kern

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