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Re: Mould & Deckle

> Does anyone have any recommendations for a good material for the
> of a mould and deckle? I've been looking at fiberglass window screen
> I wonder if the holes are too large. Thanks!

I used brass screen, which I bought from the local hardware store (this
was in the US, some years ago). I did have to ask if they had anything
other than fibreglass/steel screen, however, as it was not out on
display. The only problem I ever had was that I was initially too lazy
(or perhaps too keen to get started) to cover the ragged edges of the
screen, so sometimes the wet sheet would get caught on stray wires.
Never had a problem with supporting the screen either, although I was
only making 12" x 18" sheets.


MacLaren North
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University of Sydney, Sydney NSW 2006 Australia
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