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Re: Copiers

Hi Jane:

I have used inkjet printouts, irises, fieries (which are the closest to
Canon copies) and cactus prints for my books. I have an article that covers
some of the concerns regarding the life of these color prints, but it is in
paper form...not electronic. I would mail a copy to you if you like.

I keep most of these books prepared with these methods closed for the most
part, and I haven't noticed any degradation in the quality...yet. But I do
have my doubts about their longevity.

Supposedly, the inks used for these methods are supposed to be improved so
that they are less light sensitive. I have seen a book made by a freelancer
I worked with on a job, and he used color copies for it. It was kept closed
and put away for the most part, shown to prospective clients, and after
about ten years (as near as he could estimate) the book still looked
beautiful. I asked him about the loss of quality and he said the pages
looked pretty much the same (he used spray mount though, and so that was
coming apart).

Maybe some of this helps? Let me know if you want a copy of that article
and send your address to: opus@xxxxxxxx and I'll mail it to you.


>I am planning to "print a few copies of a miniature book on a Canon Copier
>and have two questions to ask about this:
>1.  Will the ink fade if the book is kept closed most of the time?
>2. Will the ink offset on to the neighbouring page? If so, can this be
>corrected by leaving the pages to thoroughly "dry" before binding?
>Many thanks to any experienced copier people who can help with these
>Jane Conneen............lfarmpress@xxxxxxx

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