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Max Ernst on Acid

Satty: An illustrated lecture by Walter Medeiros
Event: Friday, August 15

San Francisco Center for the Book
300 de Haro at 16th
more info: 415 565 0545 or info@xxxxxxxx

Max Ernst on Acid: Wilfried Satty, trained as a mechanical engineer in
Germany, found his true calling as a psychedelic collagist in San Francisco
in the 1960's. Satty, who died in 1982, was famous for the legendary
parties he threw at his North Beach apartment, and for his illustration of
classics of hallucinatory literature, including Ludlow's The Hasheesh Eater
and works of Edgar Allen Poe. Walter Medeiros, director of the Archive of
Counterculture Art, will discuss the life and times of this unique and
fascinating artist, and will also talk about his own work with the Archive.

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