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Re: Rollers, where to get?

I recommend:

Brown Regrinding
2074 East Center Circle
Plymouth, MN  55441

Phone/Fax  612-553-1461

Mr. Brown there has really helped me understand the difference between
the Plastic Kelsey Rollers sold by NA Graphics and the ones he produces.
His seem to be better suited toward and condusive with the consistency of
composition inks used in letterpress.

As for where you work/study -- do you offer a master's degree in
Letterpress or the BookArts?  I've tried Vermont college, but they
weren't to willing to offer that line of study.

Bes tof luck, Cheers,


On Thu, 14 Aug 1997 15:39:44 -0400 Steve Chant <schant@xxxxxxxxxxx>
>Looking for a source for rollers for a 40 year old Kelsey 3x5 or 5x7
>Steve Chant                              w-ph: 802-656-2960
>Manager                                 w-fax: 802-656-8429
>University Graphics & Printing           h-ph: 802-865-4730
>University of Vermont
>118 Waterman
>Burlington, VT 05405                     Grey Rider on Rust

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