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Re: Clamshell Box

At 10:41 PM 8/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
> I'm making a clamshell box with an extra binder board on the top and
>bottom so it has a cover with a lip or edge. Is there a name for that? Is
>it a "lipped clamshell design"?

I know this type of box as a "drop spine"--don't think it makes a difference
to the name whether the clam shells have the "extra board."

 Anyway, do I need to attach my bookcloth
>to the inside of the cover and the outside of the clamshell or can I glue
>board to board? What will look most finished, be strongest and less prone
>to warpage? Thanks in advance.

If you are using buckram (or anything sort of thick) for the covering
material you end up with the cloth thicknesses on the case and the "shells"
making a gap--you can't easily fasten board to board because they are held
apart.  At a place where I used to work we started lining the area between
the turned in cloth--about a 65 pound paper evens the area if using type D

Cathy Atwood
Local Records Program, Missouri Secretary of State

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