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Re: Clamshell Box

David Kern wrote:
>  I'm making a clamshell box with an extra binder board on the top and
> bottom so it has a cover with a lip or edge. Is there a name for that? Is
> it a "lipped clamshell design"? Anyway, do I need to attach my bookcloth
> to the inside of the cover and the outside of the clamshell or can I glue
> board to board? What will look most finished, be strongest and less prone
> to warpage? Thanks in advance.
> David Kern
> dkern@xxxxxxxxx learned to make clamshell or drop-spine boxes with that "extra" cover,
and was appalled to see a commercial binder in Montreal make the box
without it.  I tried to explain to a friend who was haveing boxes made
for an edition  WHY it wasn't a good idea, but the person paying went
for the cheaper structure. 6 months later, she called me to ask what
they could do to keep them from warping, as they were meant to be "de
luxe coffee table books."  I said put them in a bookshelf between other
books. Now when she asks for advice, she takes it.

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