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Re: your mail

I unsubscribed in May - moved and then re-subscribed to the paper list in
June and used the following address:


Then I typed the following:

subscribe paper-l colette vosberg

and shortly thereafter I got the confirmation message.  If this is the same
format your using, then maybe the postmaster is on holidays.  Have you tried
this address to contact the postmaster?


Thats all I know in this one - good luck!

>are you sure this is correct?
>i tried and it wouldnt work
>i dont think that typing my name is correct
>it should be the name of the list i want to subcribe to
>so please what is the name of this paper list?
>thank you
>On Wed, 13 Aug
>1997, vosberg
>> try the following:
>> listserve@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> then type - subscribe
>> then type - your name
>> all on one line line.
Colette Johnson-Vosberg

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