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color printing

Some new possibilites in color printing:  I'm having a Nova Jet
print made of one of my digital images. The Nova uses En Cad technology and they claim to have
color fast inks - it is an ink jet system that is not as fine as the Iris,
but, for my purposes OK. I use both Canon and Epson ink jet printers, both
8-1/2 X 11" and 17 X 22" but have not been able to locate a source of more
stable inks. Epson has just released an ink jet printer that will print a
17 X 22" image for$499. And, Citizen has just released: Printiva 600
Microdry "laser quality" , 600 X 600dpi that they claim is 100% clorofast
and smear resistant. Will print on many surfaces. I know nothing about
this company. Also, En Cad now has a 24" wide printer available for under
$2,000. Norman

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