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Re: Copiers

Dear Jay et al- Regarding artists who use the  coier to create and edition
prints and bookworks- you have come to the right place. isca4art2b is the
International Society of Copier Artists. The Society is a non-profit, tax
exempt organization, which I founded 16 years ago to put artists who use the
copier as a creative tool in touch with each other, and to showcase their
work in the ISCA Quarterly. Artists are encouraged to use the copier as a
unique creative tool, rather than as a means of reproducing work created in
another medium. More than 2000 printmakers, bookmakers, photographers graphic
designers and just plain folks have contributed  print , book ,and postcard
editions to the Quarterly. The September, December, and April issues of the
Quarterly are spiral bound print collations, while the June issue is a box of
     The Quarterly appears in an edition of 100 copies. Museums such as MOMA,
the Tate Galleries, Victoria and Albert Museum and more than 20 other major
insitutions subscribe to the Quarterly. We also maintain a slide archive and
a traveling exhibition, ISCAGRAPHICS, composed of prints and bookworks of our
members, which travels to university, library, and other alternative spaces
   I am primarily a xerographic book artist ( Bone Hollow Arts) and have
created and published more than 40 titles. Printed Matter, here in NYC, is a
bookshop devoted to artists books. They carry both the Quarterly, and my own
books. Their address is 77 Wooster St.,NYC 10012., and their catalog is very
     If you would like to receive more information about the Society, please
write to : ISCA, 759 President St. #2H, B'klyn, NY 11215 (ph.(718)638-3264)
or send me your snail mail address.
    One further note to those of you who are college, university or art
school teachers- the December issue of the Quarterly features student work,
individuals or whole classes may contribute work to that issue of the
Quarterly. This December will feature the work of Cooper Union students .
    There are many articles about artists' use of the copier as well as about
the Society listed  and here are a few titles of books which may interest
you. MEDIUM:PHOTOCOPIE (George Muhleck), COPYART (Patrick Firpo), and, for a
really good history , the ELECTROWORKS Catalog(an exhibition sponsored by
Xerox Corp (1978). The latter two are out of print, but a few copies are
still available through the Society. There are some very interesting European
catalogues of xerograhic artists in our archive, but they are hard to come
by. When I finally get my WEB page making skills together, I hope to be able
to provide more information for xerographic print and bookmakers.  Louise
Neaderland (Director ISCA)

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