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Re: Copiers

In a message dated 8/15/97 7:19:54 PM, Jane Conneen wrote:

<<2. Will the ink offset on to the neighbouring page? If so, can this be
>>corrected by leaving the pages to thoroughly "dry" before binding?>>

Jane, I copied a short story for use as a christmas card last year. After
being compressed and enclosed in an envelope and mailed, some of the type did
offset onto adjacent pages. I don't know whether letting the copies "dry"
before folding and assembly would help or not, but I think that the kind of
paper used (I used a commercial paper with a high surface) has some influence
on whether or not the "ink" bonds to the paper. Perhaps more absorbent papers
would be less inclined to offset, though one would think the commercial
papers, which presumably are formulated for copying work, would be the better
choice. Perhaps others have more specific information about this.

Barbara Harman

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