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Re: Copiers

Hi all!

Interesting thread.  I'd like to suggest you have a look at
Hewlett-Packard's new PhotoSmart inkjet 6-color Photo-Quality printer.
It's output is astonishingly good, IMHO.  I'm amazed by mine every time I
use it.  It's about $499.

The ink supply carts are very generously sized too, which was a surprise to
me.  I've printed at least 65 8 x 10 full color photos and the cart's are
still not completely empty.  Amazing machine, and well worth investigating.

This is NOT just another color squirter .. and, it prints surprisingly fast
as well .. about 5-6 minutes for a 'best' quality 8 x 10 image on Photo
paper.  It really lays down a coat of ink, too .. the paper is almost
dripping wet when it emerges into the output tray!

I'm now experimenting using various water color papers in the PhotoSmart ..
with excellent results so far.  It has a 'straight' paper path, so can
handle many different weights of paper.

One caveat .. it will not work with Macs.  Only Windows 95 at this point.
The nearest equivalent for Macs would be the new Epson Stylus Photo.

If you have access to Usenet, there are many threads covering this printer,
and the competing Epson Stylus Photo, in the rec.photo.digital newsgroup.

Ron Yost
Paso Robles, CA

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