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Since I have not been able to personally answer all the postings, I would
like to thank everyone who has sent answers to my "copier" question. I have
had an amazing education in all the things that copiers can do!

This all came about when a photo engraver and a letterpress printer BOTH let
me down and I found myself with no new book for the Miniature Book Society
Book Fair, two weeks from today. Since I have a Canon Copier, I thought "why
not try that". The first pages, printed on Hahnemuhle-Linen, came out
beautifully but I did not want to do all the work and then find that
offsetting messed up the illustrations that I hand-colour.

>From all your answers, I gather that there is a slight chance of offsetting,
though more likely to be on shiny paper than one with a matte finish and that
interleaving could keep this from happening when the book is put into the

In the meanwhile, I have been introduced to many different and fascinating
techniques that can be used with copiers and what was merely a temporary stop
gap measure may turn into something that would be interesting to pursue more

Thanks again....and best wishes to all.

Jane Conneen

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