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Decorating Paper

I am making a small edition (15 books) of the flag book design.  I have =
some text weight paper that I would like to use for the concertina.  The =
paper has a very smooth texture and I am looking for ways to "texturize" =
and decorate the paper while still keeping it flexible enough for the =
folds.  I am trying to give it a rustic appearance. =20
I have successfully used spectra art tissue to dye this paper, but the =
colors are not appropriate for this project (I need more earth tones).  =
The paper does not take well to soaking (it tends to fall apart).  A =
moderate amount of moisture seems to be okay. =20

Other things that I've tried are a crackle finish and I am considering =
trying instant rust.  I am looking for something that will both =
texturize and strengthen the paper.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.



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