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Re: Copiers


These are all color printout options. There are output services which
provide the standard repro and lino output and file and matchprints and so
forth. These places usually output higher quality color prints as well.

I don't know where you are located, but a place that may exist in your
area, since they are pretty omnipresent these days, is Kinkos. Though I
have never used them for much of anything (never liked their attitude) and
have other places here in NYC where I trust them to do my irises, they more
than likely have fiery capability. They would be worth a shot if you know
of them and wanted to get an idea of price.

You select them by telling the serice bureau what you want and they do the
rest...or should. In many cases you are better off changing your own
artwork to CYMK (if needed) and adjusting the color on your end, rather
than leaving it to them...they would undoubtedly charge more for this as

No extra software is needed.

I hope this helps. Ask more questions if you think I can help.


>Are you saying that all of these things are printout options?Where do you
>select them. Do you need a particular software?- you can tell that I am new
>to this. Perhaps you could direct me to a book or article? Louise

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