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Re: Decorating Paper

Reed C. Bowman-
Thanks for the suggestion on decorating paper.  The bottom part of your message seemed to get cut off - do you mind resending it?

From:   Reed C Bowman[SMTP:rcbowman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx]
Sent:   Sunday, August 17, 1997 4:33 PM
To:     BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:        Re: Decorating Paper

One idea comes to mind, if you don't want actual depth, but just visual
depth to the pages: based on faux stone finishes, it works well for
subtle backgrounds in earthtones.

Take a sponge, and pick bits off one face of it until it has a
completely irregular surface, and no straight edges.  You can use this
sponge with any coloring agent, but preferably a relatively thick paint,
by laying down the color on a palette, laying the sponge down on the
paint, and then using it to dab LIGHTLY the random pattern onto the
surface.  You can use this with one color (and avoid over-coverage) and
leave the page surface showing through.  You can also do this with ink
or dye, to leave the surface easy to write on, but it may be a bit
harder to handle.
        Of course, the full faux stone process is slightly more involved, and
uses 2 or 3 colors at once.  But that's probably not what you want.

Take two or three relatively thick paints in the colors you want (only
use waterbased paint for this) and a large palette, or paper plate.  Lay
down the paint in a spiral pattern, one color at a time, so that the
spirals just touch, but are not on top of each other.  Then sprinkle on
a spreading agent (this will depend on the particular kind of paint
you're using) and a thinner (water, that is).  Tilt the palette around
to get a slight mixing of the

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