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Binding with wood boards

Hello, everyone:

I've fallen in love with the leather and wood journals featured in
Flax's catalog a while back and have recently acquired some wood which I
think is perfect for the project (from a luthier's supply house; this is
beautifully prepared wood originally meant for a guitar back).  Since I
have a local tannery from which to purchased my leather, I am just short
the know-how!

After checking the 97 archives, I still need to know the following, so
any help and/or further references will be greatly appreciated:

- how to finish the wood.  I'm assuming *not* with oil, but do I use
wax? If so, what kind? Or some other sort of wood finishing product?

- what kind of leather is best in this case? I have pig suede as well as
lambskin and garment-weight leathers.  (And can get others.)

- what adhesives would be best to use?

- any other suggestions, hints, or "don'ts" will be very helpful.

Thank you all.


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