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Re: edge gilding

>Please, what is this Center for the Book?
>Richard, I believe this is your cue...

Tom meant Center for Book Arts. Nick Marchetti is an excellent gilder. If
this were Japan he'd be declared a living national treasure and be exempt
from income tax. He also developed the hot rubber roller/gold foil method of
gilding commercially, and has done zillions of books that way. His factory
occupied a floor just a block from here on Lafayette St. He recently closed
up shop and reopened in Brooklyn. I don't have the phone #, but area code
718 information should have it. I don't know if he's using R. Marchetti or
Marchetti Bros., but the operator should be able to help.

BTW, Center for the Book was started by the Library of Congress about four
years after I started CBA. The name difference is significant. Their focus
is on literacy and expanding public awareness of books, which they do very
well. They select good examples and make the public aware. They also promote
some of the smaller editions and finer work. But they are not a Center which
focuses primarily on the fine craft and fine art aspects, nor do they
provide workshops and studio facilities. They also have licensed out their
name to regional centers across the country, some of which are also centers
of book art.

In two years Center for Book Arts will celebrate its 25th anniversary. If
any list member has a museum or gallery which would be interested in hosting
a travelling exhibit which CBA is putting together for that occasion please
let me know.

I assume most people in this field have a copy of the catalog of our 10th
anniversary show, _The First Decade_. It was curated by Francis O. Mattson,
then Curator of Rare Books at The New York Public Library, and was the first
contemporary book art exhibit at the 42nd Street library. That was 1984. 132
works by 112 artist members. There is an illustrated 56 page catalog, and if
the library doesn't have any more for sale you can still get it from CBA for
$15.00 (+ s&h)(212) 460-9768. for this and other CBA publications, see



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