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CEC 1999 Call for Entries

 The Calligraphers Engagement Calendar will
 resume publication with a calendar for 1999.
 Entries are due Jan 15, 1998, and the calendar
 will be available in July of 1998. The theme is
 Eleanor Winters and Carole Maurer continue as
 editors. John Neal, Bookseller will publish the
 calendar. All the details follow.


 The combination of hand-lettering and texts about
 the garden can be an endless source of artistic expression.
 Horticulture is defined as the cultivation of a garden,
 the art or science of growing garden vegetables, fruits,
 flowers, etc. Botany is the science of plants.
 The term also refers to the plant life of a region.

 Text material can be chosen from the writings of poets
 and novelists, scientists (botanists, biologists, ecologists),
 philosophers, historians, explorers and adventurers,
 herbalists and environmentalists, etc.

 Anything from flowers to fossils, medicinal herbs to
 Aristotelian classifications may be a source of inspiration.

 Illustration (e.g. botanical illustration or calligraphic
 drawing with brush or pen) is welcome and may be a
 good complement to calligraphy.

 FORMAT:  The format is 7" x 9" VERTICAL
 with a maximum artwork area of 5" x 6-1/2".
 The entire space need not be filled. Please indicate crop marks.

 COLOR:  The Calendar will be printed in black
 on off-white paper. The cover will be printed in color.

 You have two options in submitting your artwork:

 1.  If you are submitting line art (calligraphy
 only or calligraphy with line illustration), send
 camera-ready art in the form of a high quality
 positive photostat (or reverse photostat, if you wish your
 writing to appear white against a black background),
 in the proper size.
    Mount your artwork on 11" x 14" bristol board
 and position according to the diagram.
 Indicate crop marks clearly.  Cover your work with
 a tracing paper flap for protection.

 2. If your submission is more complicated, i.e.,
 contains surprints, dropouts, tints, tone art, etc.,
 send us a good quality Xerox copy of the artwork
 with an explanation of the final form your piece
 will take. (No  rough drafts will be considered.)
 If your artwork is accepted for publication,
 we will then ask you to send us the appropriate
 negative, film, screen, etc.

 Original art CANNOT be accepted and artwork
 cannot be returned.

 NAME AND ADDRESS: Be sure to print your name,
 address and telephone number on the BACK of each
 piece of artwork submitted. Do not sign artwork.

 COPYRIGHT:  When choosing your passage(s),
 be sure that you are not in violation of copyright laws.
 If the book you are quoting from was published
 more recently than 75 years ago, or if its copyright
 was renewed more recently, or if you are uncertain
 as to its status, write to the publisher for copyright
 permission and/or information. Be sure to include
 this permission with your calendar entry.
 Please note that recently published translations of
 books, or parts of books are also protected by
 copyright laws and therefore must be released by
 the publisher even if the original source is
 hundreds of years old.

 If there is a copyright fee, it is your responsibility to pay it.
 We suggest, however, that you do not pay the fee
 until you receive notice that your piece has been accepted.
 Please be sure to get world English language rights
 from the copyright holder. We strongly recommend that
 you use material that is out of copyright or in the public domain.


 1.  For line art, please send a high-quality photostat.
 (A positive photostat is a direct, right reading, paper positive
 reproduction of your original. A reverse photostat is a reverse
 of your original - white letters, black background.)
 The photostat must be the actual size that will be reproduced.

 2.  For surprints, please provide a one-piece
 film negative with a position stat on the mechanical
 for placement of the artwork.  The negative
 will be used for the printing process.

 3.  For tints (percentages of black) and acetate overlays,
 please provide a one-piece composite film negative
 for printing and a position stat on the mechanical.
 The dot or texture pattern must be on the negative.

 4.  For tone art (varying degrees of grayness, such
 as pencil, wash, or continuous tone illustration,
 brush lettering, etc.), please provide a screened
 halftone negative for printing and a velox position stat
 on the mechanical. For tone art combined with line art
 (lettering), please provide a combination (line art and tone art)
 film negative in the correct size for printing
 and a position stat on the mechanical.

 DEADLINES:  The deadline for receipt of artwork is January 15, 1998.
 A maximum of four pieces per person may be submitted,
 out of which two may be selected.

 JURYING:  Artwork for publication will be selected by
 a panel of jurors and will be judged on the basis of
 calligraphy (letterforms and spacing), page design and layout.
 Fifty-two pieces will be selected. You will be notified of the results by

 COMPENSATION:  Each artist will receive a complimentary
 copy of the Calligraphers Engagement Calendar
 and will be entitled to a substantial discount
 off the list price on additional copies. Ordering and
 discount price information will be sent to contributors
 at the time of acceptance.

 PACKAGING:  Please wrap artwork carefully,
 using heavy cardboard backing, and mail (First Class) to:

      Carole Maurer - 1999 Calendar
      408 Minden Way
      Wynnewood, Pennsylvania 19096

 We cannot be responsible for artwork that
 arrives after the deadline or for damage caused
 by the Post Office. If you are mailing artwork
 from Europe, please be sure that the package is reinforced.

 will be available in July of 1998.
    For ordering information or a copy of their
 current catalog for calligraphers contact:

        John Neal, Bookseller
        P. 0. Box 9986
        Greensboro, NC 27429
        800-369-9598 (USA & Canada)
  Fax 910-272-9015
  Email: JNealBooks@xxxxxxx

 Quantity prices will be available for
 individuals, teachers  & guilds.
 Bookstores and other retail establishments
 will be offered a normal trade discount.

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