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Re: Tanglewood

There is a sizable bookarts community in the Northhampton area (45 minutes
from Tanglewood in MA). There is a well known pastepaper maker in Schodack
Landing, NY (30m. from T-wood in the other direction) whose name escapes me
at the moment. Crane Paper has a Museum of Papermaking in Dalton, MA (20
m.) There are many papermills in the area, notably Crane, Rising and
Strathmore, which you may be able to visit.

Alan P. Hayes

>My SO and I are going to Tanglewood (nr. Lennox in the South
>West corner of Mass.) next weekend. Are there any letterpress
>shops or other excellent places we should try to visit while
>we're there?
>        David Macfarlane.

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