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Re: Clamshell Box

Thanks for your response to my post. The info was quite helpful!!

David Kern

On Fri, 15 Aug 1997 07:58:37 -0500 Cathy Atwood
<catwood@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:
>At 10:41 PM 8/14/97 -0500, you wrote:
>> I'm making a clamshell box with an extra binder board on the top and
>>bottom so it has a cover with a lip or edge. Is there a name for
>that? Is
>>it a "lipped clamshell design"?
>I know this type of box as a "drop spine"--don't think it makes a
>to the name whether the clam shells have the "extra board."
> Anyway, do I need to attach my bookcloth
>>to the inside of the cover and the outside of the clamshell or can I
>>board to board? What will look most finished, be strongest and less
>>to warpage? Thanks in advance.
>If you are using buckram (or anything sort of thick) for the covering
>material you end up with the cloth thicknesses on the case and the
>making a gap--you can't easily fasten board to board because they are
>apart.  At a place where I used to work we started lining the area
>the turned in cloth--about a 65 pound paper evens the area if using
>type D
>Cathy Atwood
>Local Records Program, Missouri Secretary of State

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