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Re: Stabbound Journals

My computer is unavailable right now, so I can't give you the thickness of
traditional Japanese books.  But have a few comments anyway:
a) It is possible to do side sewn bindings that are very thick, as long as
the sewing is strong.  Our childhood scrapbooks used shoe laces.
b) As people have mentioned, you can use a soft cover (Asian based) or hard
cover (like some commercial photo albums).  With the hard cover, the extra
strip that the binding is done thru can be on the outside or the inside of
the cover.  Both require a hinge area between the two pieces of board--and
don't be stingy with it!
c) The thicker the book, the more space you need at the inner margin of the
book block.  If you are doing text you don't want to be reading on the
curve.  And if photographs are going on the page you want them on the flat
part of the sheet.  Take wads of paper and see how this works for different
thicknesses of books.
d) I promote the use of side sewn books for photo albums and scrapbooks
because you do not need to add spacers in the binding, at least if the book
is on the thin side.  Western binding almost requires the added work of
spacers, no matter how thin the book is.

Cathy Atwood
Local Records Program, Missouri Secretary of State

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