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Re: Post/Nut Album binding???

Yes, you can do the post/nut binding with hard covers.  The only problem
is that you need some sort of hinging on the top (and if desired the
bottom) cover.  I when I do this I usually use book board and, for the
top cover, cut two pieces.  One is the spine edge and is about 3/4 to 1"
wide, the other is the width of the text or other material to be bound +
any extension over the edge of the bound material and less one book board
thickness.  By spacing the two pieces 1 board thickness apart this leaves
room for the top cover to hinge.  This, of course, will vary with the
thickness of the cover material.  You can make a hinge from linen tape,
tyvek, or other material and, depending on use this could be on one or
both sides of the cover.  Then you need to cover this with whatever your
cover material is.  Alternatively you can sew the two pieces together in
an interesting way, use metal hinges, or whatever else your muse directs
you to do.

I hope that the above is comprehensible.


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