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Re: Post/Nut Album binding???

I've been thinking about post and nut bindings too since I have some
leftover sheets that are to small to fold into signatures and picked up
some brass posts someplace.

When I use binder board for a side sewn book I make the cover in two

      | |       |
      | |       |

I can't draw at all on this keyboard, but there is a space wide enough to
allow the cover to open between the left hand strip and the rest of the
cover.  Without that the book won't open.  (Of course in Japan it would
be on the right except they don't need to do it because they use very
flexible papers both inside and for the covers.)

I've been thinking that for a post and nut binding you could do the same
thing but turn that folded part complete in so it is under the front
cover.  This would hide the screws.  Seems to me old photo albums were
made that way.  Since this came up just as I was thinking about it I
thought I'd ask if others of you have any tricks or suggestions along
these lines.


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