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Re: Stabbound Journals

At 12:38 PM 8/21/97 -0400, Kitty wrote:
 I see so many really terrible stab-sewn books! It's sooooo much
>better to fold your paper and make signatures and sew through the fold.

 I've seen many poorly made, side stitched books, too. But, IMO,
side-stitched books which are properly made with the correct materials tend
to be stronger at the spine and hinges both because of the sewing direction
and because the materials are lighter and put less stress on the binding.
What Kitty says about the proper selection of the paper is, however, right
on target.

>Books, Boxes and Wraps to start with and read it carefully. They do a good
>job. And get Keith Smith's Non-Adhesive Binding, Vol. One. Good luck.

If "Books, Boxes and Wraps" is a reference to the Zeier's book, "Books,
Boxes, and Portfolios," I want to point out that his discussion of Japanese
side-stitched bindings is ludicrous, though the rest of the book is among
my favorite sources.  Keith's book omits any consideration of the inner
binding which is of critical importance to a sound, side-stitched book. I
find both books very helpful for the most part, and not helpful with
respect to Japanese-style binding.

Sam Lanham

Sam Lanham (slanham@xxxxxxxx)

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