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Re: Copiers

well, first of all, I was having typing trouble...sorry...it's dye subs. And

they are a method of color printing that uses the RGB set-up (as opposed to
irises and fieries which use CYMK). They are continuous tone and crisp
which is why they are frequently used by photographers for printing their
portfolios and distributing samples of their work. I have used them in one
of my books, but was later told that the life of a dye sub...depending on
how the book is stored...can be as short as ten years. I have also learned
that the dye sub technology is supposedly on its way out since there are so
many other inkjet printers out there that are doing a wonderful job and
costing alot less money (a really good dyesub printer can cost $12,000 and
up but a friend has a good one that handles 8.5" x 11" that cost him around

>In a message dated 97-08-15 16:03:55 EDT, you write:
><< dye
> dubs.. >>
>What are these?

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