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Archival photographic albums (a biased opinion)

There seems to be a big business in "archival" and "acid free".  With all
due respect to conservationists, the big business is to everyday people who
don't know what they are buying and don't check it out.

There are too many stories of people who are paying premimum prices for acid
free paper and other products so they can keep their ticket stubs, programs
from school performances, and color photographs for generations - and what
they are keeping is the problem, not the materials they are keeping it in.
Or people who concentrate on some elements being acid free, but major parts
of what they are putting together are not.  Like using archival paper to
make a book bound with rubber bands...

Once I asked a vendor about a glue-type product.  They said the product was
acid free, non-yellowing, and remained flexible for at least 100 years.
Their understated approach sounds good to me.

- Karen from Atlanta (not a conservator, and not a collector of photos)

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