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Post/Nut Album binding???

You asked:
"I've been thinking that for a post and nut binding you could do the same
thing but turn that folded part complete in so it is under the front
cover.  This would hide the screws.  Seems to me old photo albums were
made that way.  Since this came up just as I was thinking about it I
thought I'd ask if others of you have any tricks or suggestions along
these lines."

I have seen and worked with people who have made their photo album covers
in three parts to hide the screws-and-posts. It's basically the same as
your drawing and description:
Part 1 - which is the same width as Part B is folded under firmly, with a
hinge. This is the part that the posts go through.
Part 2 - is seen on the outside, as in your drawing and is narrow, and hinged.
Part 3 - is the large cover.
      | | |       |
      | | |       |
This is how it would look flat. This way, you can open the book at the
hinge between 2 & 3, and the posts are hidden between 1 & 2.

    /__ __________ This is the best I can do for a view looking down.
You just have to watch the tension of the fabric coverings at the various
hinges so it's not too tight.
I hope this makes sense!
Beth P.

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