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Re: acid free paper

     Paper designated acid free indicates that at the time of its
     manufacture it contained no detectable acidity. PH neutral papers are,
     then, acid free (neither acid nor alkaline, pH 7). Buffered papers
     contain an alkaline reserve,usually have a pH of around 8 or 8.5 and
     are thought to provide a buffer between the atmospheric or
     environmental acidity and the rate of deterioration of the paper.
     Papers with an alkaline reserve are often referred to as "permanent".

     However, if you are making albums for photographs, use acid free, pH
     neutral paper, NOT a buffered paper. Some photographic processes are
     adversely affected by the alkaline reserve in buffered paper.
     Non-buffered paper and boards made expressly for photographic storage
     are available from suppliers of archival materials (University
     Products, Gaylord, etc)

     Hope this helps...


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