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Paper for StabBound Journals

I have been reading with interest all the wonderful posts on
the subject of stab-bound journals, and am awed by this
group's incredible generosity in sharing tips and techniques.

I was particularly interested in the subject of paper for
stab-bound journals.  I have been collecting quotations since
I was a teenager, and want to print them out (using my laser
jet printer and calligraphy fonts), and bind them into a few
very special (and elegant) stab-bound journals as a small
token of thanks for a few people who have helped me through a
very difficult time.  (In other words, for this particular
project, I am not interested in cutting costs, but want the
results to be as beautiful as possible.)

Someone mentioned that 70 pound paper should prove ideal for
this.  Do the rest of you agree with that?  (I have _Cover to
Cover_, _Japanese Bookbinding_, _Books, Boxes, and
Portfolios_, Keith Smith's books, and a number of others, so
if this is something I've just overlooked in one of these
books -- or if, perhaps, you can recommend a book I have
missed -- I would be deeply grateful.)

Thank you _VERY_ much for any help you can provide.


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