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Re: Stabbound Journals

In a message dated 97-08-21 23:20:37 EDT, you write:

<< If "Books, Boxes and Wraps" is a reference to the Zeier's book, "Books,
 Boxes, and Portfolios" ... <snip>   >>

I'm sure the original poster referred to "Books, Boxes and Wraps," by Marilyn
Webberley & JoAnn Forsyth.  This book is one of my favorite references, and
it does include information about the inner binding.

This book is great for someone who has taken a bookbinding course or two
(especially if you didn't take particularly comprehensive notes!).  It gives
instructions for making a lot of different bindings:  (listing from the table
of contents) palm leaves & scrolls, accordion, edge-sewn, single and multiple
signatures, folders and soft wraps, boxes and cases.  But the section I use
the most is at the back; it's a 40-page supplement to the text, called
"Binder's Tool Chest" and includes information on knots & closures, working
tips, adhesives, materials, and a paper chart.


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