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Re: Paper for StabBound Journals


There is no single paper that we might agree on.  Everyone has individual
tastes and preferences and even these vary according to the task.  For
example, is there a color or texture that appeals to you, that fits the
mood of the quotes that you'll be using?  Should all of the pages use the
same paper, be the same size?  do you want cut outs allowing depth to be
incorporated into your work or words to extend from one quote into
another?  Do you want fold-outs or pop-ups to emphasize particular points?

All of these issues and their answers are what make artist's books indeed
art.  The reveal the individual - the self that you want to share with
those who have helped you.  Do you want all of the books to be the same
--did different people help you in different ways that should be
reflected in their, individual, volume.

Have fun, don't worry what I or anyone else on this list think is
"right".  Right for them may or may not be right for you.  I hope you
enjoy your labor of love and gratitude.

May the muse be with you...


PS: I hope that these ramblings are helpful to you.

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