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Re: Business Card Deckle for Papermakers

Making Negative and Positive Templates for Handmade Paper

Just a quick tip for making paper that has, for example, an
oval opening in the center: Cut a "shape-insert" from a piece of
**contact paper (non-porus, with repositional adhesive on back)
or **shelf liner to the size/shape that you want the opening on
your finished paper to be, and stick it down on your screen in
the desired position on the screen, before adding the slurry
(the paperpulp and water.) Now, when you pour the slurry into
your screen, the water will drain through the screen and pull
the pulp away from the plastic shape, leaving the desired opening
in the center of your finished paper. AFTER pressing as MUCH water
as you can from your new sheet of paper and AFTER releasing it from
the screen, you can remove the shape-insert. TAA-DAAAA! It's magic!!

Another Idea for shaped paper: Cut a "negative" shape from the
same plastic.  Remember how you fold a piece of paper to cut out
a perfect heart in one cut?  The remaining outside scrap that you
usually throw away becomes the shape template for a heart shaped
piece of paper.

**I have also made templates from Shrink Plastic (DON'T shrink),
clean styrofoam meat trays and even fun foam for large-shapes
ONLY, cuz you need to hold it in place. But, it works great.

This simple process results in WAY TOO KEWL paper, so have fun!

Creatively yours,

At 09:45 AM 8/23/97 -0500, you wrote:
>About business card deckles for couching handmade paper - there is one very
>inexpensive way to make  multiple business card rectangles with 4 deckle
>edges - you will have to experiment:  apply half inch masking tape to your
>HMP mould to create rectanglular areas on the screen .  After making your
>supply, take the tape off as it will age and plug up some of the screen
>holes requiring extra manipulating to get clean again.
> OR, you can cut the rectangles out of contact paper and apply, adhesive
>side down to the screen, removing the contact paper when finished
> OR, using an  exacto knife or such, cut the rectangles out of a stiff
>waterproof material  that fits your mould surface, place the master over
>your screen and then your regular deckle frame over that to hold it all
>firmly while
>Lilias at Saltwinds Yankee Barn Workshop
Sheryl Davis aka Postoid Artist
email <postoids@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

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