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Re: Gauffering/Gilding Page Edges

I don't know if that would be the correct subject heading for my question,
and this may have been covered before (I'm brand new here) but here goes;

Long ago, I saw a display of several books that looked like they had gilded
edges.  It was a lovely embellishment to the tooled leather books, but the
amazing thing was that when the books were opened and the pages were offset
against each other a picture appeared on the very edges of the pages.  Each
page of course, contributing its minute bit to the whole.  It was a wonderful
surprise for the reader.

Is this still done?  Okay, duh, sure probably someone still does this - but
do any of you?  And do you have any suggestions as to how to do this?

I've thought maybe just impressing an inked rubber stamp in a  simple design
onto slightly fanned and angled pages might work, but it I'm not sure and
don't want to risk a book on the experiment, though I do want to try it out
on a  pad of paper just to see.

I saw these books so long ago as a child that only the idea remains and I
can't conjure up a clear picture of what it really did look like, only that
it was so beautiful and I was so impressed by it.  And now that I've
remembered it again, thanks to this ongoing thread, I'd like to try it on my
own books.

Thanks for any and all help,


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