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Paper 4 Stabbound Journals

On Sun, 24 Aug 1997 09:17:24 -0400 Beth Lee <Callibeth@xxxxxxx> writes:
>  Sometimes you  can get pre-packaged short-grain paper.
     When I worked in a print shop (a number of years ago), you
     could get  the  paper company to provide you with a batch of
     short-grained paper.

Beth, I can't thankyou enough. But can anyone please tell me how to find
a paper company willing to sell me top-quality 70-lb. short-grained
paper? (I'm in the boonies; there are definitely none around here so this
would have to be mail order.)

And by 70-lb I'm going by what I've gathered would be best for paper for
journals that can go thru the laserjet printer. Any other ideas would be
greatly appreciated.

Thankyou soooooooooooooooooo much!


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