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Re: Paper 4 Stabbound Journals

In a message dated 97-08-24 10:52:11 EDT, you write:

<< ... can anyone please tell me how to find a paper company willing to sell
me top-quality 70-lb. short-grained paper? (I'm in the boonies; there are
definitely none around here so this would have to be mail order.)   >>

Your local printer will have access to paper companies.  Just order through
them.  Most paper companies that are local don't like to sell to individuals

<< For my need of short grain  paper 8.5x11" that can go thru a laserjet
printer someone suggested buying 11x17" paper and having Kinko's cut
it to make 8.5x11.  Will this work (i. e., will that make it short-grain or
am I still
missing something)? >>

It will work if the 11x17 paper is cut long-grain :)  An 11x17 sheet I just
pulled out of my stock of junk paper happened be short-grain.  Sometimes you
just can't tell until you test a piece of paper yourself.


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