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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 23 Aug 1997 to 24 Aug 1997

<< ... can anyone please tell me how to find a paper company willing
to sell me top-quality 70-lb. short-grained paper? (I'm in the
boonies; there are definitely none around here so this would have to
be mail order.)   >>

<Your local printer will have access to paper companies.  Just order
through them.  Most paper companies that are local don't like to sell
to individuals anyway.>

This is true, but from soe of the paper distributors you will have to
make minimum orders which can be more than you want. One company
which definitely has a good selection of such papers (and will get
more) and cut to size, also which does mail order, and sells to
individuals, is Paper Depot in Minneapolis. I used to be in
Minneapolis but now am not, and I don't have the address. But I
imagine a telephone call to directory assistance in Mpls would find
them. It's a great store and I wish every city had one.

charles alexander

charles alexander
poet and book artist

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