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Re: Ideal Paper Weight????

Confused about grain direction and paper weights? You need to worry about
the moisture content of the paper as well, if you are planning to print
pages using a laser printer.

My best advice is to select a paper designed for laser/copier use. A good
one, which comes in 60 and 70 lb weights, is Weyerhauser cougar opaque.
You can request it be cut grain short, in whatever size you want (the
minimum order from our supplier is $100).

I have used 70 lb Mohawk superfine in a laser printer, but after several
dozen copies, the toner started to splatter all over the page. (I was told
the problem was caused by too much moisture in the paper.) So it would
probably work OK if you didn't print too many pages at one time,
especially if you kept the humidity in your work area down.

Mohawk superfine is available in 22 X 35" sheets (which you can buy in
very small quanities at .65 per sheet) from BookMakers in Riverdale,
Maryland. You can cut the pages to size, minding the grain direction,
using a straightedge and a scalpel or xacto knife. You might also be able
to get a local printer to cut the sheets for you if you don't want to
tackle hand cutting. Another attractive way to cut the sheets is to
crease and cut through the fold with a sharp knife, leaving a sort of
light deckled edge.


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