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Re: printing and paper grain

Grain direction does matter for copiers and laser printers. They prefer long
grain paper. I BELIEVE (and I'm not an expert) that the longer the paper
path, the more finicky the equipment. Some of the new production copiers
(like the newer Docutechs) are being designed with shorter, straighter paper

BTW grain direction is just one of the variables that affects print quality.
Others are paper smoothness, conductivity, moisture content, etc. Paper that
works like a dream in one process may perform poorly in another.

There is such a wide range of equipment out there that it's always a good
idea to test the paper before committing to a long run. You can purchase
small amounts of paper at office superstores or merchant paper shops. If
you're buying in quantity your paper merchant or printer will provide you a
few sample sheets for free to test.

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