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Guide to On-Line Moderating Offers Help to List Leaders

Interesting site with many tips for list subscribers and moderators. FYI,
this is a "LISTSERV" list. Others are LISTPROC and MAJORDOME. All are
slightly different.

   Tuesday, August 26, 1997


    Guide to On-Line Moderating
    Offers Help to List Leaders


    It's a dirty job. The people who manage and
    moderate on-line discussion lists can spend hours
    each week sorting messages and leading threads of
    conversation. On top of that, they must deal with
    the technical minutiae of transmitting files,
    correcting errors in e-mail addressing, and
    handling subscription requests. But somebody has
    to do it.

    Two scholars in instructional technology, Zane L.
    Berge, of the University of Maryland Baltimore
    County, and Marie Collins, of Northern Arizona
    University, have created a World-Wide Web site
    that could take some of the stress out of the
    job. Their Web page contains dozens of articles,
    how-to guides, and examples of list-management
    problems to help moderators start and maintain
    on-line discussions.

    Dr. Berge and Ms. Collins, who have moderated
    lists of their own and who jointly operate a
    consulting firm, put much of their own work on
    the page. For example, Dr. Berge wrote a series
    of e-mail messages in which he analyzes the many
    roles that a moderator plays -- from resident
    expert to copy editor. The two scholars have also
    collaborated on several papers and presentations
    on the effectiveness of on-line forums in

    Other articles on the site deal with
    more-specific issues of list moderation. They
    provide help with running LISTSERV and LISTPROC,
    two pieces of software that are widely used to
    operate lists, and they suggest ways of
    formulating editorial policies for lists. The
    site also includes accounts written by
    experienced moderators about problems they

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