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try it and see if it works

>>     I can't thankyou all enough for your incredible help!
>>     But would I be able to just use longgrain regular 8.5x11" paper
>>printed landscape in stabbound journals? Would that be a real crisis? (I
>>ask since I know they'd go thru my laserjet.)
>>    Thanks again so much!
>>                                        Julie
>try it and see if you like the results.
>burning press

I think luigi from burning press has a point here.  There is nothing
wrong with asking questions (we all have them, we all ask them, and we
can all learn from others questions and the answers) but in the end
we all have to get down and actually try it!  I know that's what I have
to do.  I will think about a new project, maybe ask some questions,
think some more ... but it isn't until I plunge in and start that I
will know if it's going to work (on a technical level, artistic level,
personal level).  Except for the routine and simple bindings I do --
which were not at one time routine or simple and thus the need for
questions and mentors -- I make a mock-up or model of the project.  It
might be a smaller construction of the book with less expensive materials
to see if the mechanics of the book will work as planned; it might be
taking a few small pieces of the materials and testing them, such as in
the laser printer or with the adhesives I want to use, etc.; or sometimes
it might be just plunging in and starting the darn thing knowing it will
work or it won't and letting serendipity take over.  Mistakes can some
times be an artist's best friend.

So in the end, we all have to plunge in and "try it and see if you like
the results."  Especially when everyone has their own opinion and way
of doing things, you have to find your own way and the way to do this
is to try, try, try again.  Or as Richard Minsky said awhile back:

            "Failure is success. To fail is to attempt the unreachable.
        Fail and fail again. I would encourage every artist to fail.
        Success is an accident."

Good luck and get binding!


        Eric Alstrom     Athens, Ohio     ealstrom1@xxxxxxxxx
By all means leave the road when you wish.  That is precisely the use
of a road:  to reach individually chosen points of departure.  By all
means break the rules,  and break them beautifully,  deliberately and
well. That is one of the ends for which they exist.
                     R. Bringhurst: The Elements of Typographic Style

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