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Re: try it and see if it works

> So in the end, we all have to plunge in and "try it and see if you like
> the results."

It surprises me how many people can use one adhesive, paper, tool with
great results and someone else thinks it is absolutely horrible.

The differences could be humidity, temperature, working speed, hand strength,
or heaven knows what.  In my experience, it is often someone else considers
something a problem or flaw, while someone else likes it or finds it
interesting.  And you do not know what you think unless you try what other
people suggest and follow through on what you figure out yourself.

There's a tendency to not want to reinvent the wheel.  But there are so many
variables, you end up solving your own problems instead of reinventing

There's also a tendency to want to do things the "right" way.  But beyond a
moderate amount of research, you just have to go ahead.  You gotta know you
won't be a good bookmaker until you've done a thousand books (or some
other huge number).  You gotta know the "right" way is kind of a nebulous
term, and you may have to settle for the "best" way.

The good thing about "the Information Highway" is that we can find people
doing things like we are doing. but in the end, unless you share studio
space with your identical twin, you end up with your own situation and your
own solutions.

Saw a potter once who made gorgeous porcelains, with glaze "squiggles".  He
said he could make the pots all day, loved doing them, but when it came
time to put the squiggles on, it was really hard.  They were just squiggles,
maybe his 7 year old could do them, but for him it was a part of himself
he put into his work.  Sometimes you have to separate yourself from the
work, sometimes you have to put your all into it; and only you know which
part is which.

   Karen from Atlanta
 (rookie bookmaker still working on her first 1000)

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