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New book arts class in San Francisco

There is a new book arts class opening this Thursday at City College of
San Francisco. The class is called The Hand Printed Book: Design and
Production. It combines lecture and lab and will meet from 9-12
(lecture) and 1-4 (lab). We will have use of both a letterpress shop and
a print making facility for the purpose of combining typography and
illustration. The students generally come from both the Art department
and the Graphic Communications program.  Instructors for this class are
Kathy Walkup, Robert Pinetti, and Leona Christie.
If you are interested, show up on Thursday morning in the Visual Arts
Building, room 140. The cost of City College is $13/unit and this is a
three unit class. Call 415-239-3481 for more information and directions
to the campus.

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