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Re[2]: Paper 4 Stabbound Journals

     I have had good luck doing this type of thing with everything under
     the sun, I'm an infamous experimenter in putting things through laser
     printers that don't belong there...especially Post-its.  I also use a
     Liquid Paper Dry Line gun (basically a glue stick with a twist) to run
     some pretty unconventional things through my printer.

     Always worth a try, especially when you're good friends with a


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Subject: Re: Paper 4 Stabbound Journals
Author:  "The Book Arts: binding; typography; collecting"
<BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> at Internet
Date:    8/26/97 8:05 AM

One wise woman I know uses removable adhesive tape to attach small
or flimsy pieces to regular paper to feed through her printers.

She prints on the smallest of envelopes by lapping the flap over the
leading edge of a sheet of paper, taping the envelope down,then running
it through the printer.

-Karen from Atlanta

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