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Re: Clamshell Boxes

BO>> Thanks all for the info on clamshell boxes. And thanks especially for the
BO>> reference to U.S. Government publication, "Boxes for the Protection of
BO>> Books."

        "Boxes for the Protection of Rare Books:Their Design and
Construction" has a revised edition issued in 1994.  The book is
available from the Government Printing Office for around $15 last I
        The book comes in single sheets.  Printed on acid free card stock, the
book is drilled for a standard three ring binder.
        The text offers detailed instructions for clamshell boxes with
or without a hinged shelf.  Written by the Conservation Office staff at the
Library of Congress this volume also has directions for a variety of
phased boxes, simple housings and a portfolio.  The illustrations are
very helpful in understanding the often complex instructions.


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