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Re: Clear vinyl bookcovers

Your original message:
>Can you direct me to a supplier of clear vinyl bookcovers to protect my
>leather bound encyclopedia set?


Reply:  Vinyl and certain other films should not be used to protect any
item(s) of concern and value. Vinyl, for example will out-gas (give off)
chemicals that can harm other materials. You can see an example of this type
of problem in a resturant that uses a vinyl protector for a menu printed with
 toner from a photocopier or laser printer -- the toner will stick to the
If you feel a need to protect leather and paper, use an inert film such as
polyester (DuPont Mylar Type D or ICI Melinex Type 516). Note that even some
of the polyester films may have been coated for another purpose, i. e.
printing or static elimination, and, therefore, should not be used. The above
named films are available from conservation suppliers, such as Gaylord, Light
Impressions, University Products, etc.
Regards, Bill Minter, Book Conservator

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