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Major Fiber Arts Exhibit

Morning, all.

While it isn't specifically about books, it is a related field that many
here may enjoy...

I'd like to invite one and all to see a new Fiber Arts exhibit on our
website:   www.legacyart.com/    When you get to the homepage, just follow
the link to the Virtual Gallery, and there to "Forming Connections: a
fiber invitational".

This online exhibit is in conjunction with our September show by the same
title.  It features works from artists across the country, resulting from
a workshop taught by fiber artist Jane Sauer at the University of
Missouri-Columbia Fibers Department in the fall of '96.  The online
exhibit has numerous images of works, along with biographical information
and artists statements by 12 of the 19 participating artists (we hope to
add additional images and information in the coming days).  Many of the
works are available for purchase.

Please feel free to pass this message along to anyone you think may enjoy
our show.

  James T. Downey


An amazing new Fiber Arts exhibit online at

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