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Re: The Appropriate Glues and things

Robyn; Just read about your plight. You might consider a product that 3M
has, its a dry mount, tissue thickness, double stick tape which is 1"
wide. Find the 3M display
at your favorite stationary store. Any water base adhesive will no doubt
give you major heartburn with your art materials. Hope this helps, I use
this tape for applyng balsa wood to closed cell foam in my model making
Frank B.

>From:  Robyn Sassen[SMTP:mephisto@xxxxxxxxxxxx]
>Sent:  Friday, August 29, 1997 9:06 AM
>To:    BOOK_ARTS-L@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject:       The Appropriate Glues and things
>Hello Bookartists all.
>I'm hoping you can help me with a collaborative work that I am taking
>part in at the moment - or at least give me your individual and
>collective two cents' worth...
>The work entails a drawing, on wood, which I am making in charcoal,
>pastel and an assortment of other things, and a body of photographs.
>What we have decided to do, image wise, is collage the photographic
>elements onto the wooden drawing.  Now, obviously, because of the
>wood, we are not looking at archival purity - the wood has such a
>seductive, warm pinkish hue, that we just can't help using -
>rather, what I need to know is the appropriate type of glue that can
>be used to collage the photographs on successfully, without bubbling
>and lifting problems. Also, I'd be curious to know if any of you have
>experience with work of this nature - my drawing technique is such
>that I will need to scratch and draw onto the photographic images to
>integrate the two and form a cohesive whole.  What photographic
>paper would take this best?
>It's a little off the book arts topic, admittedly, but I know that
>many of you are very accomplished in the unusual.
>Robyn Sassen

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