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Printers, Copiers and Papers

Since there has been quite a discussion about paper for printers and copiers,
I thought I could add something that might be of interest.
I have experienced a problem with printing on a paper that was not designed
for laser printing or photocopying. The paper was actually a text paper and
the same color was not available in a laser/photocopy finish. Unfortunately,
I had not conducted a thorough test of the bond of the toner. After minimal
handling, the toner started to rub off. I asked a photocopy sales rep about
this situation, and he suggested running the paper through a photocopier a
number of times (copying a blank paper with the machine set at the lightest
setting). I have found that 3 or 4 times is usually suffiecient to increase
the bond of the toner to most papers. The trick is the additional heat with
the pressure from the fusion rollers. Heat from a hair dryer, etc. is not
enough. The pressure is also needed.
Good Luck, Bill Minter

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