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Re: The Appropriate Glues and things

>what I need to know is the appropriate type of glue that can
>be used to collage the photographs on successfully, without bubbling
>and lifting problems.

There is a rather new product out called "Perfect Paper Adhesive".  It is
put out by a company called Art Quest and I have used it for collage in the
past with great success, although, never on wood.

Here's what the bottle says:  A permanent and archival acrylic adhesive made
to adhere all weights and textures of paper to virtually any surface.  UV
resistant, this transparent, semi-gloss finish is durable and
flexible--ideal for use with fine art papers.  Specially formulated by
collage artist Susan Pickering Rothamel"

It sells for around $7.00 for a 8.5 oz. bottle, although a smaller one is

I have communicated with Susan through e-mail in the past, and know that she
would be happy to answer any questions about her product.  Her e-mail is
AQSue@xxxxxxxx  She does not retail the product herself, but I'm sure she
will be glad to tell you of a local retail source.  She also has some other
neat collage type products, including sheets of mica which can be seperated
into ultra thin layers and used in collage.

Hope that helps some.

Kathie   San Diego
Rubber Angel

Paper Wings TM   PO Box 90582   San Diego, Ca  92169-2582
"Angelic Papers & Accessories to Express Your Creativity"
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